Eco Photography

ECO PHOTOGRAPHY - ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY  |  we believe that we all need to do our part to sustain this beautiful earth that we have, and reduce our impact as much as possible. We are therefore committed to using environmentally responsible products or services for every aspect of our business. Things such as eco friendly albums and photo boxes, all promotional material are printed on recycled papers, 100% green web hosting for our website, solar energy to run our home office & all packaging is either recycled or made from renewable sources. CREATIVITY  |  every couple is completely individual and we spend time to get to know you both so we can tell your story in the best possible way that represents you. Give us the time and freedom for creativity and we will make beautiful images for you to remember forever. PASSION  |  without it we would not do what we do. A LEGACY  |  we believe your story should be captured for future generations. To archive for your children, grandchildren, and generations after - to look through and see you story and where they came from. QUALITY  |  in everything we do. From the suppliers we choose, to the constant educating of ourselves to improve our craft. We strive for the highest quality possible, always. FAMILY  |  we are a family business - because of this we limit our bookings to only 2-3 weddings per month. Allowing us to give our clients the best possible service, whilst also giving our children quality time with their mum. Eco Photography